"The formula of the shafts"

  • We contribute to the growing demand for timber and simultaneously reduce the pressure on forests of tropical forests, We avoid illegal logging and forest destruction.
  • Our trees per hectare per year set up 40 tons of co2 , CO2 is stored in our plantations permanently throughout the life of our plantations.
  • With our plantations we contribute to long-term nutrient enrichment and high ecological value.
our Z07 is a hybrid clone Paulownia elongata FORTUNEI X kawakamii, PREPARED FOR ALL CLIMATES AND RAPID GROWTH. Non-invasive species regenerating land, able to capture 10 times more emissions of CO2 from the atmosphere and emit 10 times more oxygen than any other tree. Our mission is to repopulate deforested areas in the peninsula. With your help we will all have a planet better.


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