"El fórmula uno de los árboles"

  • We contribute to the growing demand for timber and simultaneously reduce the pressure on forests of tropical forests, We avoid illegal logging and forest destruction.
  • Our trees per hectare per year set up 40 tons of co2 , CO2 is stored in our plantations permanently throughout the life of our plantations.
  • With our plantations we contribute to long-term nutrient enrichment and high ecological value.
nuestro clon Z07 es un híbrido de PAULOWNIA FORTUNEI X ELONGATA KAWAKAMII, PREPARADO PARA TODO TIPO DE CLIMAS Y DE CRECIMIENTO RÁPIDO. Non-invasive species regenerating land, able to capture 10 veces más las emisiones de co2 de la atmósfera y emitir 10 veces más Oxígeno que cualquier otro árbol. Our mission is to repopulate deforested areas in the peninsula. With your help we will all have a planet better.


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